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Allan Campopiano

Data Scientist

As a data scientist at Deepnote, I have the privilege of partnering with developers all over the world in order to help them promote their tools to the broader scientific community. By demonstrating the leading data science tools in Deepnote, scientists and developers can easily onboard to new concepts and techniques.

My degree in cognitive and behavioural neuroscience helped me realize my dual passion for (1) developing scientific software and (2) communicating technical concepts in a straightforward manner. My main goal is to find creative ways to lower the barrier-to-entry for scientists who are learning new tools.

To this end, I've published two peer-reviewed statistical software libraries. The most notable is Hypothesize—a Python library for robust statistics based on Rand Wilcox's R package. I continue to deliver workshops on robust statistics, data visualization, and data science tooling in general.

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