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In-Person poster session will be held in Zlotnik Ballroom on Wednesday, July 13 at from 6:00-7:00pm

See the virtual posters below

Ronchi Evaluator and Classifier of Imperfect Lenses (RECOIL)

Allen S Harvey Jr

Differentiable Digital Twins for Automated Characterisation of Quantum Computers

Anurag Saha Roy

Artash Nath

Amalgamated Molecular Visualization on Colab

Blaine Mooers

Predict Lightning Strikes using Django and AWS

Calvin Hendryx-Parker

Bayesian Estimation and Forecasting of Time Series in Statsmodels

Chad Fulton

A new data format for vision and deep learning

Chang SHe

Contributing to Open Source Software: From not knowing Python to becoming a Spyder core developer

Daniel Althviz Moré

Codebraid Preview for VS Code: Pandoc Markdown Preview with Jupyter Kernels

Geoffrey Poore

pyDAMPF: A Python Package for Modeling Mechanical Properties of Hygroscopic Materials under Interaction with a Nanoprobe


Keeping your Jupyter notebook code quality bar high (and production ready) with Ploomber

Ido Michael

Introducing `ipydatagrid,` a next-gen Jupyter data grid for data analysis

Itay Dafna

Parallelizing your ETL with Dask on Kubeflow

Jacob Tomlinson

Interactive Data Science in the browser with JupyterLite

Jeremy Tuloup

A New Python API for Webots Robotics Simulations

Justin Fisher

Easily build data visualization sites with Livemark

Lilly Winfree

Psi4 and QCArchive for High-Throughput Quantum Chemistry

Lori A. Burns

mario – Multifunctional Assessment of Regions through Input-Output

Mohammad Amin Tahavori

Mining Unstructured Documents for Insights into Organ Transplantation Decision Making

Morgan Stuart

Semi-Supervised Semantic Annotator (S3A): Toward Efficient Semantic Image Labeling

Nathan Jessurun

Variational Autoencoders For Semi-Supervised Deep Metric Learning

Nathan Safir

Bioframe: Operating on Genomic Interval Dataframes

Nezar Abdennur

Pylandtemp: A Python package for computing land surface temperature from Landsat satellite imagery

Oladimeji Mudele

oneAPI for Scientific Python Community

Oleksandr Pavlyk

Combining Quantum Mechanical Calculations with Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms for the Design of Better Materials

Omri Abarbanel

Programmatic debugging and dissection of ML models with NoPdb

Ondřej Cífka

MModel: a modular modeling framework for scientific prototyping

Peter Sun

GPU Accelerated Property Graphs in Python

Rick Ratzel

Neural Network Based Solution for Level Set Method

Roberth Chachalo

A Novel Pipeline for Cell Instance Segmentation, Tracking and Motility Classification of Toxoplasma Gondii in 3D Space

Seyed Alireza Vaezi

atoMEC: an open-source average-atom Python code

Timothy Callow

Ramba: High-Performance Distributed Arrays in Python

Todd Anthony Anderson

Optimizing Componentry Analysis of Tephra with Computer Vision

Tyler Newton

Reproducible Physics through Frictionless Tools

Victoria Stanley

First-Principles Analysis of the Ammonia Decomposition Reaction on High Entropy Alloy Catalysts

Zuhal Cakir

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